Three Poems by Byron Beynon

Garn Lake

She is part of the landscape,
a human face
that allows the medicine of nature
to heal mortal pain.
The experienced mountains stare
back at her stillness
in thought
as wild flowers grow
near her feet.
The lake is a light
nurtured by time,
its shape holds
onto the shore,
recalls a world
before wounds and the pollution
brought on the back of bitter flesh.
The motion of the day’s
unique sky
renews a life within
a depth of captured rhythms.

Kidwelly and Gower

He continues westwards,
a few miles at a time,
where roots recognise
the flavour of the rain.
Place of Gwenllian’s nemesis,
as a community settles
with castle, spire,
and that sense of accent.
On the horizon
the Gower emerges
from pre-history,
a panorama of atmosphere
as salty flats
wait for the future to arrive.

Tintern Abbey

I know this place,
its reflections,
the curiosity of tourists
following personal routes,
but also recall earlier
days when Wordsworth and Turner
made their way here
to preserve uncut memories
in words and paint.
The river is still awake
with its intimate company of trees and hills,
relatives unmoved
by anonymous footsteps
embroidered there.
Old stone with your silent voice,
a conveyor belt
where time echoes
an understanding of lost
lives passing through.


Byron Beynon lives in Swansea. His work has appeared in several publications including Nine Muses Poetry, Planet, Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, The Lampeter Review and the Independent. He coordinated the Wales section of the anthology Fifty Strong (Heinemann). Collections include Cuffs (Rack Press) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions).

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