One Poem by Sean Burn

pebble ov seaham

this stone aint stone
this stone is pebble
pebbles rock
chips off seaham
aint sunderland
is egg - ache - wonder
raw materials (could be)
building all – home
warmings - by rights
no warrings / warnings -
our longings to be ... hurt no more
this stone aches for roar
us sold r.o.i.r. cassettes in the 80's
einsturzende neubaten
inwardly collapsing new buildings
mekons - glenn branca - mc5
playlists saving lives, ours
more ways than many imagine
mondays child, tuesdays child
thursday friday saturday
all daze, one our best
wz sunny seaham, fireworking
our rescue-dogs memory
(she rescued us) – even
better daze the year before
seaham wet with storm, falling to sea
both times collecting seaglass - now
travelling all points, catalysts sung before
beach hurls pebble-rainbow - salt-shadow
this seaham pebble tastes - smells - feels red
- seeing redder than alarms plastic’ing
lob not lobbying defies time
- admirals – armadas - suck
like tides cannot be objectified
but objects – defies – ungloves
finding love in hurl breaking sound n barriers
the defibrillating whisper
           have a dream
     have dreams


sean (burn) has two collections of poetry currently in print – dante in the laundrette (smokestack press) and is that a bruise or a tattoo? (shearsman press)

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