One Poem by Julie Anne Gilligan

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


Once the epitome of elegance,
all richness now shattered:
no painting or tapestry,
no curtains or bookshelves.
The trappings of wealth
become ancient history.
What covers the walls
is graffiti of jealousy,
an arrogance of ownership
in artistry of jeopardy.
If only the chair could speak,
bear witness to violence
or the absence of care, but
even the softest of creaks
are silent in the aftermath
when there’s no-one to hear.


Julie’s poems appear in several anthologies, webzines and first collection The Thickness of Blood (2012). She is an active member of the Open University Poetry Society as well as Poets Abroad, an international collaborative group. Julie lives in Essex.

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