One Poem by Dawid Juraszek


It might have been a faint distant echo
of worlds
or saved
on islands adrift amid the wine-dark sea

So they came
with their new words
different views and scents
looking back toward foreign lands
on their ships like nothing ever seen before

With the strength young muscles muster
and the cunning of new ideas
they snuck in
they asked and answered
and burned old eyes out for their stories

Being the shape
of all things to come
they were well within their rights
the ways of the ones before had to yield
redeemed by their sacrifice to the dead-end new


Dawid Juraszek is a bilingual author and educator based in China. His fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in The Remembered Arts Journal, Amaryllis, The Esthetic Apostle, Amethyst Review, The Font, and elsewhere. Website:

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