Two Poems by Angela Porter

Knit by Knit 

Large wool ball starts to crawl. Needles draw waterfall,
Seaside knots, driftwood rot, sheep and croft; dreamer’s lot.
All is fine, she unwinds. Garden time, laying twine,
Modest fitting sock – it keeps her knit by knit.

Little Bird 

Spotting us, curious, hope with trust. Where’s the crust?
Why the wait, there’s no bait. Where’s her mate, picnic plate?
Simple life, quiet flight, shade riots, summer light,
Blossom’s dropped, water plops, seems time stops. As she hops.


Working with traditional verse structures Angela writes poems about her life as she finds it today. She defends the use of traditional forms as these are the legends behind the poems, and relate to an ongoing past.

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