One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

the armchair desertion

somewhere towards the final end
before the roof leaks and rain gets in
the shape of much comfort remains
from those glory days in front of a TV
where the matching cushion endures –
once part of a trio before going solo –
sofa and another armchair all in
the same rigout like sixties musicians
lined up for their publicity photo inside
a ruined place not dissimilar to this
with rolling curved graffiti on the wall
a mature art form executed with a flourish
in its western styled calligraphy –
yet an armchair like this can grandstand
anywhere including a foreground where
elegant curves both echo another epoch
and the more modern imagery above –
the desertion was sudden – an old friend
left behind for no other reason than there
was no more room in the chock-a-block van
by a frieze of other furniture going off
to a safer place or just another place
the smell of the old place binding the cracks
there as only a remnant of fuller memories
become raw before a slow fade or a
sudden destruction when a wrecking ball
breaches the wall and passes through –
for now there can only be such speculation
conspiring with previous action and present tranquillity


James Bell – is a Scottish writer who now lives in France where he contributes photography and non-fiction to an English language journal. He has two previous collections of poetry published and continues to write and have work appear internationally, some about to appear in several languages. He is a regular contributor to Nine Muses Poetry.

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