One Poem by Frances Jackson

Romance in the Brexit Age

You could always
Just marry your boyfriend
People tell her
Friends colleagues
A mixed bunch
All just trying to help
Offer a bit of
Useful advice

And of course
They’re right
She could

And it probably would
Be to her advantage
Bureaucratically speaking
At least
Shore up her footing
Take away
Some of the uncertainty
The gloom
That has seeped in
Leaving the future

But she can imagine
The headlines too
Their billowing outrage

British women
Coming over here
Stealing all of our men

The AfD
Would have a field day


Frances Jackson is originally from the northwest of England, but now lives in Munich. Her translations of contemporary German and Czech prose have appeared in B O D Y, No Man’s Land, The Missing Slate, Underpass and Your Impossible Voice.

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