Three Poems by Jim Brosnan

The Serenity of a Utah Sky

The shadows of yesterday
the unwritten pages—
the fading years of youth
embedded in recollections—
belong in our stories
where each memory of you
haunts this landscape
when silence drifts across
wind-swept roadways
patiently waiting for you
to reveal our secrets
in the highway wind
before listening ends
and icicles melt
like disappearing dreams
you wish to capture—
save for another evening—
while my imagination
teeters on the brink
of afternoon blackness
until all is forgotten.

Not All Is Forgotten

On our journey
west to Cheyenne
on miles of open
highway, we listened
to a golden oldies
station, tried
to recall the lyrics
of half-remembered
ballads. This evening
I hardly notice
the darkening plains,
content in the silence
of those thoughts—
shreds of stories
not easily erased.

In a Scrapbook

On a clear blue morning
at twelve thousand feet,
I stare at towering
Colorado blue spruce
below the tree line,
examine alpine flowers
in the meadows
of early summer,
photograph open
fields in the Rockies—
surfacing from
distant memories
as I grasp a steaming
cup of dark roasted
after the hike
when I gaze
into your eyes.


Dr. Jim Brosnan has published over 450 poems including most recently in the Aurorean, Naugatuck River Review, The Strand (India), The Bridge, Minnesota English Journal, The Teacher As Writer, and Voices of the Poppies Anthology (UK). He has recently received five awards from the National Federation of Poetry Societies.

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