One Poem by Martha Landman

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Viewing Cherry Blossoms at Ueno

On a Sunday outing away from husbands’ scorn
three women, beautiful in Shunzan’s eye,
stroll across Ueno at the end of spring.

Atop the hill, a weathered temple guards
the park — splashed in green, pink and white.
The women’s words about cherry bloom
are barely heard above trees’ whisper.

What’s on their minds distracts from the view.
Their news, undesirable as a stone underfoot,
hushed, as birds in the trees may listen in.

They dote on each other; their garments are dark.
Behind them, mothers and children are tranquil.
And when these blossoms return to soil
they’ll face their men, their samurai.


Martha Landman writes in Adelaide, South Australia where she is a member of Friendly Street Poets. Her work has appeared online and in print in UK, US and Australia.

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