One Poem by Jim Bennett

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

the sandal

on the sideboard in my grandmother’s house
tiny people some no more than a suggestions
parade across the surfaces of porcelain plates

in the centre of one a group of Japanese women
one lady is leaning over to fasten the sandal of another
who stands on one foot with a hand on her friend’s back

behind them people walk and in the distance
beyond trees    a run of lines  represent a tower
something left after a hard fought game of jenga

I trace the path and trees     as they shrink
odourless blossom fills some branches  and the sky
looks like a distant still and silent sea

the woman still stands on one leg
her balance something I would wish for
but the sandal is not fastened  and never will be


Jim Bennett is a poet who was born in Liverpool in the UK a long time ago and is still alive (we think).

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