One Poem by R J S Cantwell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Great Hall Of Polychromes

We are the dreamers of the cave-sky –
immortal, yet extinct –
our story daubed in mottled constellation,
we crowd like stabled chargers
and age like frescoed vellum;
relics from a distant century,
we are the evidence,
the vanishing point
the birth of imagination.

Never did the hunter
deliver us from fear,
yet somehow in our eyes
did he exact the look of wonder,
as though a stoic matador
lay patiently in wait.


RJS Cantwell is the editorial director of an LGBQT-focused art gallery in King’s Cross, for which his essays have been published by many online art magazines such as After Nyne, Artnet and Blouin. His work has been on display in Launceston Place, Kensington and the South Place Hotel in Moorgate. He was also part of the 2017 National Theatre Writer’s Group, and the 2018 Penguin/Random House Writer’s Academy.

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