One Poem by Ronnie Goodyer

The Huntsman Wants to Kill

The golfer wants a hole in one
The cricketer to score a ton
The sprinter to be number one
The huntsman wants to kill

The footballer to win the league
The cyclist to avoid fatigue
But the huntsman wants none of these
The huntsman wants to kill

Ignore the child-on-pony pose
For cameras at country shows
Beneath the pomp and pompous clothes
The huntsman wants to kill

Called from the Field, the vilest trade
Is carried out by those with spades
Their presence proves this grim charade
The huntsman wants to kill

The hounds are seen to run in packs
On busy roads and railway tracks
There’s no ‘trail’ here – it’s just a fact
The huntsman wants to kill

To flush a fox and watch it run
Is their idea of perfect fun
Content when violent death has come
The huntsman’s had his kill

We’d educate him if we could
No sport should ever call for blood
Enforce the ban, so that, for good –
The huntsman cannot kill


Ronnie Goodyer is widely published with 6 solo collectionsHe was on the BBC Judging Panel for their Off By Heart poetry competition (BBC2) and is Poet-in-Residence for animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports. Ronnie founded award-winning Indigo Dreams which he runs with partner Dawn and they were the first joint winners of the Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry. They live with rescue collie Mist, in an ex-forester’s house in the southwest.

This poem is from the forthcoming anthology For The Silent, an Indigo Dreams Publishing/League Against Cruel Sports collaboration which will contain poems which celebrate the natural world, condemn the cruelty of blood sports and speak out for the silent creatures in our countryside. Funds raised from the sale of this book will help the League in its work. It will be launched on 2 May 2019.

Details and tickets for anthology launch:

Buy For The Silent here


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