One Poem by John Newton Webb

This and that

The sun is shining
on the Wimborne Road
but we don’t linger on the ancient bridge or
notice the horses, or the hill;
we’re talking physics or music
or punning mathematicians into films
Bonnie and Klein
Riemann Holiday
Night of the Living Dedekind
and we needn’t talk about anything
else today but we both know
he’s died and I sort of think
that’s important so with teenage
awkwardness, I
force out, “Where do you think he is now?”
and you say, “I don’t want to think about it,”
so we don’t speak about it
Too Hot to Mandlebrot
Towering InFermat
V for Venndetta
and we walk back to your house
and watch half a dozen ‘Yes, Minister’s
which feels better.
Or, it doesn’t.


John Newton Webb has worked as an actor, playwright and director. He currently lives in Northern Japan where he pastors a small church. He has had poetry published in various magazines. You can read about his writing at:

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