One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

frozen in time

the crude gallery of rock
proves art has always been an inclination
a spontaneous graffiti

to celebrate the kill – this one
a rich reddened bull its intense colour
Expressionist and perhaps political

as someone had to lead
someone observe and record
not unlike humanity in all their history

it’s still possible to muse about
how the beast arrived here
the source and impulse for its execution

in life and on the wall
the artist one of the field hunters
used to strategies to slay for meat

and then praise the beast that gave
its body so the tribe could eat
a memory of its lithe beauty in life

made live again here for all to see
not quite real and frozen for a long time
returns the favour as a memorial to its artist


James Bell is Scottish and now lives in France. He has written and published poetry for twenty years. At present he is at work on his first short story collection.

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