One Poem by Julie Anne Gilligan

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Observations on the Nature of the Rose

You said my cheeks are so like roses
So quaint of you
My lips, moist like morning dew on velvet petals
Like these blooms
Pink against the whiteness of my décolletage
So tempting to you
Your breathing is harsh to my ears
Yes you interest me in some small way
You search the ivory of my neck
See how vulnerable I am
Look at the pewter bowl, the way my fingers hold it
Think how I might hold you
Fixated, immobile, held by the scales of my eyes
Weighing your worth
You are lost in the depths of them
The shallowness of them
Be careful when you cut me
From the warmth of sunlight
Like the rose, I too have thorns


Julie Anne Gilligan’s poems appear in several anthologies, webzines and 2012 debut collection ‘The Thickness of Blood’. London born, she lives in Essex. She is an active member of The Open University Poetry Society and Poets Abroad, an international collaborative group of poets.

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