One Poem by Bradford Middleton

Keep Moving (Nothing to See Here)

I didn’t write a poem on my birthday this year;
Work had wrung me out at 11pm and all I wanted
To do was have a drink and forget another day
In my life sentence behind the checkout on North
Street and so that’s what I did, nothing special
About that, just another day in a lifetime of days
I have been desperate to forget.

So you could say my birthday this year was just like
Any other day in the last year, not much happened,
In fact nothing at all happened besides work, smoke
And some pretty tasty beans and cheese on toast.


Bradford Middleton lives on England’s south coast in the hippest place on Earth; he hates it and often dreams of escaping. When he’s not dreaming, he’s writing, working or drinking. He’s had three poetry books published. Find him at Facebook @bradfordmiddleton1.

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