One Poem by Lou Smith

Snowdonia National Park

We passed bumblebees hovering clumsily near hedges
the intense green of sheep-filled pastures
crossed narrow stone bridges low over rapids
to reach the mountains streaked with lilac flowers
we climbed slippery grey shale
the stone pathway steep to the sky
a moment when I couldn’t go any further
afraid to keep climbing
you scrambled higher and higher
to see how high you could go
even though you are the one scared of heights
from our separate spots we watched
people below stopping their cars at the edge of the lake
to stretch and breathe the summer air
then the Hawks came
around the side of the mountain
so close their sonic boom
almost knocked us off our feet
they passed us in a moment
swooping across the lake
disappearing silence


Lou Smith’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Wasafiri, Mascara Literary Review, Caribbean Quarterly, s x Salon and Hecate. Her debut book of poetry riversalt was published by Flying Island Books in 2015. Lou holds a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Melbourne, Australia.

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