One Poem by Alun Robert

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Déjà Vécu

I have been here before
Not too sure when, but
       living beyond the curve
       en route to somewhere
Or nowhere knowing
What’s round the bend, while
Beyond the horizon
Every single happening
       reverberates off key, yet
Each smell, each noise
All recognisable
       when the blade cuts to the quick
       and it does.

The hurt, scars, the pain
The aroma, from
       a pungent stench of abject failure
Self inflicted, as
The visible bouquet of success
       is the precursor
       the leading indicator
Of failure to come, when
Sparks of sheet lightning scratch
The crevices, the cracks
Driving each downfall
       known to mankind, or not
Lighting the ways ahead:
       the long way round and
       circuitous short cuts.

Fallacies, the deceit
Abject lies of simple truths
Camouflaged to the psyche
As the devil of forked tongue
       with malice stuck in the throat
Faux weeps for his flock
       who will return, for they do.

As I make the same mistakes
Time and time again
No matter how many occasions
       I am faced
       with the very same situation.

When will I ever learn?


Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical verse. Of late, he has achieved success in poetry competitions and featured in international literary magazines, anthologies and on the web. He particularly enjoys ekphrastic challenges.

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