One Poem by James Bell

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

light at the end of the tunnel

you can see footsteps to the light at the tunnel end –
many have trodden before you
in true expectation of being amazed

run out onto a sandy beach suddenly appeared
like a film – this time on a real screen
where everything can be touched

the sea will have that azure of the exotic
clear so the bottom can be seen
its creatures swimming off into a fading infinity

each section of the tunnel is a frame
where images can be stored on return
though the light still has to be reached

wooden steps over wild pebbles only the beginning
of an even wilder experience
some want it full of people on similar quests

though some prefer a beach of white sand
deserted except for sheltering palms and big sun
some want buildings and have a luxury apartment

slip down to the beach and work on a bronze tone
to show off on the return home
the tunnel recognises all these desires

specialises in being the fountain of illusion
all you need to do is make your turn
into the light at the end of the tunnel


James Bell is Scottish and now lives in France. He has written and published poetry for twenty years. At present he is at work on his first short story collection.

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