Two Poems by Angela Porter

Hidden Music

At etching speed of light, at writing desk
He’ll be; imprinting hieroglyphics,
A future pathway, when he completes a task,
That notes should sit so perfectly still.

In sounds so smooth, it re-defines smoothness.
On silk, and hand-made paper, as sand slides
On stage, flows from process, and through process.
And later orchestrated, sung; performed.

Imagine sweet rain; I was lifted, light
In raindrop cells. The delicate,
Is as a rose, asks the dew and daylight.
I picture him sketching freedom out.

A Chance Meeting

We spoke, we had met unexpectedly.
Her magnet strong mind, her body re-routes.
At tender words she clutched, and hastily
Was swift, before her heart was caught like loot,
And so she went, straight backed upon her scooter.
We once shared drinks, even had time to talk?
Her tall strides, with dogs, should be seen to walk.


Angela is a long time contributor to “Reach Poetry”. In 2007 she shared the winning prize in their poetry booklet competition, “Embroidering the Deep” is self published through them.

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