One Poem by Anna Schoenbach

We Grow it in a Garden of Our Own Desires

 Our minds blossom
over time, like flowers
in spring. Our goals are thus –
to survive, to live at our best, at our
fullest. To achieve our     goals, we plant
the seed, in fertile soil,     our most fertile loam.
We grow the seed of destiny      in a garden of our own desires.
Wants, needs are roots reaching      for the purest water, the richest
nutrients, the most decayed      rotting bones of our old, dead
dreams. Our leaves reach      for the clouds, the sun, the un-
attainable light. We reach,     we eat, and we grow
strong. Our goals sprout      from fertile soil,
unfurling little seed-     -leaves, struggles
through the trials of life, feeds
from our own desires.
And grows strong.


Previously published in the poem anthology “Primal Elements,” by OWS Ink, Anna Schoenbach is a writer, editor, and poet who hopes that she can capture even just a little bit of the awesome power of the natural (and spiritual) world in her writing.

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