One Poem by Viv Parks

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

The Old Leather Book 

Snowdrop is her name.
A fairy,  but friendly just the same.
Sadly trapped and bound
within the confines
of that old leather book.

Been there since nineteen thirteen!

She longs to break free.
Leave those musty bindings behind.
Leap from within her yellowed page,
be free to spread her delicate wings.
Fly with the breeze.

Longs to spin, turn, dance and sing.

Freedom is such a wonderful thing.
She’ll sprinkle her magic fairy dust,
send it whirling in the breeze.
Then rest upon her namesake
as they nod gently under the trees.

So glad to have had some freedom.

Before returning once again
to that old leather book.
Happy to watch the children’s smiling faces
as their mother turns those pages.
Listen as they laugh when their mother asks

“Do you believe In fairies?”


Viv Parks is an avid writer of poetry. She loves responding to challenges. In her retirement she now lives by the coast in Southern England and finds much inspiration from the panoramic views of the South Downs.

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