Three Poems by Gary Beck

Urban Sprawl

On city streets
the homeless sit
with homemade signs
proclaiming needs.

On city streets
the people pass
and do not see
the lost’s despair.

On city streets
the garbage lies
next to the men
we have cast out.

Avian Crisis

The sparrows of Bryant Park
are like sparrows everywhere,
tough and aggressive,
driving out other birds
from nests, feeding grounds,
the natural habitat
completely usurped
by the alien invaders,
now taken for granted
by most Americans
who look at them fondly,
or indifferently,
never realizing
the sparrows are eliminating
bluebirds, warblers,
other vulnerable natives.

Accidents Happen

The unexpected
frequently arrives
without warning,
catching us unprepared
for flood, hurricane, earthquake,
life changing moments,
survival determined
by innate abilities,
resilience under pressure,
when the threat to safety
requires instant response,
otherwise causing
rapid termination.


Gary Beck spent most of his life as a theater director. He has 14 published chapbooks, 17 published poetry collections, 7 accepted for publication. He has 4 novels published and 3 accepted for publication, and 2 short story collections published, 1 accepted for publication. He lives in NYC.

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