One Poem by Kate Young

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


What’s in a treaty?
A word veiled as truce
or simply a pledge
dredged up from murky depths
between Seine and Thames,
‘The dark one’.

It’s seen it all before,
the Seine,
like countless rivers
in countless lands
wending their way through time,
through war torn cities
their muddied eyes
rolling across ruined stones
and broken lives.

Pounding through 1657
Paris beats its chest,
heart pulsating out,
its spider veins radiating
losing significance,
the little streets
of little men
their whispered breath
throbbing with growing unrest.

Twenty-six thousand troops and fleet
aligned, colours mingling
rippling in the pull of the wash
sucked in, spewed out
like the artists, the poets,
the lovers and the lonely
drawn down, drowning
mouthing silently
What’s in a treaty?


Kate Young is passionate about poetry and literature. After retiring, she has returned to writing and has had success with poems published in magazines. She is presently editing her work and writing new material, particularly in response to ekphrastic challenges.

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