One Poem by J K Durick

Picturing the Garden

Time has taught me that things disappear too fast –
there, then quickly gone, like the people and places
we were, I was and then I’m not, it never lets up

so every spring, early summer I carry my camera
to capture the moment the garden is in, to hold it
with me, a bit like Wordsworth’s tranquil restoration

but visual, nothing passing into my purer mind
unaided, Nikon Coolpix catches the moment and
later, after time and the seasons have done with us

restores this momentary beauty, the iris blues and
purples, the pink and white, whole flocks of peonies
bending, bowing in the sun, dianthus and anemones

it’s there, they’re there, and I’m in their midst clicking
away, trying to keep the day, at least this part of it, for
later use, tranquil restoration into hours of weariness

as the world grows older and colder all around, my garden
is there on the screen, the moment captured, holding still
even that long dead bee is there again ready to land forever.


J. K. Durick is a writing teacher at the Community College of Vermont and an online writing tutor. His recent poems have appeared in Leaves of Ink, Front Porch Review, Poetry Superhighway, Algebra of Owls, and in the anthology, Along the Way.

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