One Poem by Eric Nicholson

A Musical Diary

I lay off reading the new
             musical criticism        and place
it on top of the beat poet’s
             manifesto       which  lies on top
of the novel in the 21st century
             which lies on top of creating poetry

mindfully step             outside
             avoiding eye contact with an addict
slumped against a wall     consider
             if my life were  jazz
would I choose           trumpet
             or saxophone
or         combo
through a thousand sycamore keys
             along back lanes          littered with rain-soaked
books   sofas     syncopated cats

in the supermarket       trolleys   parked
             ready    for food bank     offerings
a hidden speaker blasts a discount offer
             and babies cry       notes float
onto the floor   coins drop

in the park     the new musical    ambit
             takes note
of squawking gulls       kid’s  train-ride
             tremulous trees      black & white
bird on a wire                layered leaves
             no absolutes     according to
the paradigm     so best make the most
             of the whole cacophony      best
make some connection           with the music


Eric Nicholson is retired and lives in the NE of England. He is currently writing a book about Buddhism and Blake. He blogs at:

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