One Poem by Alun Robert

Written in response to October’s Special Challenge.

Confirmed On Page Forty Seven

You didn’t listen.
You chose not to hear.
Headstrong, foolhardy
No wiser than poor Yorick.

I warned you this would happen
If you didn’t eat your greens.
You thought you knew better
Tucking into burgers      the grease
And the meat
And frolic of rampant flame-grilling
Took its toll on the cranium       the face
Suffering in unison.

Look it’s too late
For it's confirmed here
On page forty seven
Scratched ink into vellum     under
The effect of splitting atoms
Before the meaning of life (part five).
There are two whole paragraphs
Common sense can’t run to three.

Your locks have clearly shrunk
Departed, gone.
Those hours at the salon wasted
Like those at the mirror       ad nauseum.
But at least your teeth remain
Top set and the bottom
Including ten amalgam fillings
From pursuit of sugar cotton candy.

Don’t blame peer pressure.
Don’t blame C-list celebs.
Don’t claim it’s in the genes
Designer ripped at the knees of your life.
Life is in your own hands
Actually the mouth       the palate
Only sought the salt.
The rest is bad habit.

No wiser than poor Yorick.
Headstrong, foolhardy
You chose not to hear.
You didn’t listen.


Born in Scotland of Irish lineage, Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical verse. This year, he has achieved success in poetry competitions and featured in international literary magazines, anthologies and on the web. He particularly enjoys ekphrastic challenges.

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