One Poem by Viv Parks

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


Reaction, horror
Those skulls, well they fill me with fear
I shudder

May it be many years before
my skin shrinks, dries and
falls away

Leaving dark hollow sockets
where once I could see
the wonderful colours of life

No ears left for me to hear
songs of the song birds
buzz of the bees

A hole, a huge gaping hole
where once many
wonderful aromas were received

Teeth in jaws that can no longer clench
No soft tissues, no heart, no lungs
No brain to take all this in

I’m filled with horror that this
is what I will become
when my life is over and done

So, for now, if you’ll excuse me
I’ll look away, for I wish to live
without reminders of that day


Viv Parks is an avid writer, particularly enjoying poetry. She did not start writing until she retired and now lives near the coast in Southern England.

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