One Poem by Charlie Jones


once the worms get my body
and soil fills my empty chest
flowers reach down through my sockets
and root
in the pot that is my skull
what will they put
on the stone that sums my life
what will it say
my grave
resting there
laid flat to form a footpath
through some church grounds
my name worn and illegible
eroded by rain
what will be left
what said
once the wind has swept up dirt and dust
and covered my birth in grit
what will they have to put on my grave
that lasts beyond my thinking
proves I too once thought

no matter
for no one who walks this path each morning
would stop a moment to read


Charlie Jones is a poet from Merseyside. His poetry has been published in print and online with Acumen, Orbis, The Caterpillar, and Sentinel Literary Quarterly, as well as several other magazines and journals.

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