One Poem by Bob Marcacci

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge

a quill obscures the carpals

a quill obscures the carpals
        of one hand
in fact          appears          as a tear
in paper           the photo          or painting
a picture            of three skulls        or five
if you count the ones in the book
if it is a book          it may be a box
from the look of it
its pages are too perfect
too thick          you wonder
if          they may be
carved          in wood
they are so          flat
it’s how          it may
look          from beyond
the grave          without sound
or words


Bob has been teaching English composition and literature courses at the Academic Bridge Program in Doha, Qatar for the past eight years. A California native, he has been writing and publishing poetry for thirty years, and you can read his chapbooks from BlazeVOX, Dusie, and Unlikely 2.0.

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