One Poem by W J Wrigley


Fear waking up too suddenly,
There are layers between our minds and the restless world,
But also in the depths of sleep
There is far too much to remember.

She awoke upon a riverside,
Anointed by sky,
The water whispered, the trees sighed.
Boats sailed past with sails and steam,
And all the passengers waved.

An old woman lay by her right,
A silent baby by her left,
The dream was lonely, the light without warmth,
The sky moved with terrible interest.


W J Wrigley is a recent graduate of Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials in Trinity College Dublin but his primary interest is in literature. He has had fiction and poetry published several times in the university journals The Icarus and Attic and elsewhere and he hopes to continue to improve and progress.

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