Three Poems by Eira Needham

The Sparrows Sing

Smitten by your freckled face and slender form
but never fooled by that innocent facade,
I recognised a feisty female lurked, unafraid
to fight the girls encroaching on your territory.

You were a flirt, wooed by a father and son
– the junior we nicknamed Toy Boy.
Mesmerised by their dancing and seductive
love bites, you soon became a mother.

Life’s tree is now uprooted, your family foliage
a profusion of blooms. Toy Boy has moved
into your vacant flat, while you probably romp
with his father, your first love, in paradise.

Shrouded in tissue paper, your frail body is laid
in a cardboard coffin. Beneath the mock orange,
I dig deep, where worms and woodlice prepared
the soil to receive you. Nearby two sparrows sing;

I hear a lament for you, Lizzie Lulu –
Leopard Gecko.

When the Clock Chimes

You wear a smiling mask for my
arrival, beyond which I glimpse
torment engraves your brow.

Compassion drains its syringe
plumping solace pillows – Bright Eyes
plays softly, floating like a dream.

Outside, a northerly blusters through the pines;
time chases us through shadows
its faint tick-tock reaching into night.

I roll back the fun times we shared,
remember when laughter glinted your eyes,
until the crab nibbled it all away.


Hi Dad,

I hope you’ve settled in at your new place
and feel at ease. I’m sure familiar folk
rolled out their welcome mat. I miss your face.
It’s great to natter, chuckling at a joke.

Your humour boosts my mood tonight as I’ve
some news of Mum for she’s been rushed away.
The Willows Nursing Home is minutes’ drive
from here, yet I am plunged into dismay.

I know I mustn’t fret, for she’ll receive
optimum care; we knew there was no cure
for her meandering. I do believe
they’re capable of keeping her secure.

Our conversation buzzes through my head;
it is exactly what we would have said.


Eira Needham is a retired teacher, living in Birmingham, UK. Her poetry is eclectic and has been published in print and online. Recent publications are in Poetry Pacific, Voices f\rom the Web and Better than Starbucks. She has also been Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly and came first in Inter Board Poetry Contest in August 2017.

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