Three Poems by Anne Mikusinski

Bedtime Story

Our tale
For tonight
Submitted for your approval
Brought to you
By the overtired
Spaces in my brain
By imagination’s
Wishful thinking

Its beginning simple
Two people
In a room
One reading
The other playing some
Sort of music
That fits the scene
Or not

Eventually the music stops
The book is closed
There might be an embrace
Or, maybe more
Before it fades to black


Tonight’s pipe dream
Is littered
With tiny notes
Written in my second language
In different rooms
When found and read aloud
You laugh at my accent
Soon silenced by a glare
You draw close
Removing them from my hands
To kiss my fingers
All is forgiven

And Again . . .

Tonight’s pipe dream
Is sponsored by
All the lovely pillow talk
We haven’t had
Those idle
Delivered softly
Your voice a rumbling purr in my ear
Sleep is overrated


Anne Mikusinski has been writing poetry and short stories since she was seven years old and most probably making them up long before she could hold a pen or pencil in her hand. She finds inspiration in music and art, and sometimes, even little things that happen every day. Her influences range from Robert Frost and Dylan Thomas to David Byrne and Nick Cave, and she hopes one day, her work will inspire others in the same way these writers have been her inspiration.

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