Two Poems by Beth O’Brien

Poems Burning

I read a poem about poems burning,
before the poet’s eyes.

And cried to grieve words
that meant the world,

but would never be read,
unless they could be remembered.

And I resolved to write out Everything.
Forever. In two places.

Playing Chicken

My shadow looks like she is walking
in the middle of the road
while I watch from the pavement.

Cars roll over her and she’s oblivious
to their wheels and their weight.
Continuing unfazed, her speed unchanged,
she doesn’t even flinch.

I am impressed by her bravery –
but also jealous.


Beth O’Brien is currently studying for a degree in English Literature at the University of Birmingham. She loves reading, writing, food and seeing the world – when any of these overlap, she loves them even more!

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