One Poem by Alun Robert

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Perspective From The Third Chair

I sense you stride across Place Lamartine.
Hear you point, gesture       to La Maison Jaune
looking up to my window      adjusting your silk dress
staccato every step en route to la chambre
       parfum wafting like lilac in spring.

I await your sharp knock
for I anticipated your arrival       the parquet
finely brushed by bisom, by me. Chairs
positioned exactly, according to tai-chi     the rules
determined by yin and by yang.

My jackets, my chattels neat on the far wall
       ordered by colour: indigo the left, green towards right.

L’eau fills the blue pitcher,
le savon the flat plate.
A freshly laundered towel     droops the brass hook.
Ghostly white linen     festoons my bed
after washing, starching, triple pressed.

I squint at le miroir now devoid of image
yet our pictures stare, down from on high
to remind me that once      once we were to be as one
in this modest apartment, this was to be our home
with Paul briefly in situ       sur la gauche.

Your existentialism abounds from every dark corner,
       azure walls a metaphor for your prolonged absence.

While breathing intensifies like rapid gunfire
echoing along le couloir        missing the offbeat
when an aching heart warbles         chanson française
as I hear stilettoes         Doppler shift indicating
arrival     at the apartment next door.

Then everything becomes still     everything silent.
No lilting fragrance       not a whisper of wind.
Not the expected grande entrance        though
I envisage a spirit rising     rising through the ether
as bells loudly peel from Saint-Trophime     the Tower.

For I feel you every morning       miss you every day.
Cry when I don’t want to . . . cry myself to sleep.


Born in Scotland of Irish lineage, Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical verse achieving success in poetry competitions. He has featured in international literary magazines, anthologies and on the web. His influences extend from Burns to Shakespeare, Kipling to Betjeman, Dennis to Mazzoli.

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