Two Poems by Wendy Jones

A Fine Young Man

Its tight weave had a few unravelled threads;
his flannel shirt, well woven
in a green, green valley
of lush leaves rippling
on summer days
where trout swam
in pools of rushing brooks.
He could see it all,
lying there, as his heart thudded time
to its red, red blood seeping
along the severed threads
of his uniform.

A Pair of Red Shoes

Wearing them
with unconscious enjoyment
the child trod shingle and shell,
over dry, crunchy seaweed;
plodded slippingly
over geologically varied pebbles,
felt the seeping wetness
of salty seawater pools;
stuck into sucking, sinking grey mud
and came home shoeless.

Wendy Jones once wanted to be a lorry driver but now she spends some of her sleepless nights writing poems to try to go to sleep. These are poems from her one thousand four hundred and thirty sixth and forty seventh sleepless nights respectively.

One thought on “Two Poems by Wendy Jones

  1. “A fine young man” – what an amazing poem. I loved the way it traveled from close up detail to lanscape and back to intensely personal close up. This writer should be published.

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