One Poem by Jim Bennett

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Jim’s room in London 1972

I wondered why Van Gogh painted a picture
of the chair in his bedroom at Arles
and flowers almost fragrant with paint
although his room was not as empty as mine

what furniture  I have is tired and old
a sideboard leans against the wall
one end propped up by telephone directories
bed a jumble of sheets and a ragged quilt

he must have wanted to record his place
so painted a picture when it was quiet and empty
unchanging and bright once he had captured it
light    shade and colour of the day

I have a postcard of it pinned to the wall
Vincent’s room from a day in 1888
showing forever the shadows of the moment
he had seen before it leapt towards night

at night though it is different     the bed empty
he must have stood   looked out of the window
like I do and like me saw the reflection of a stranger
who looks vaguely like the painting of a madman

Jim Bennett is a poet who was born in Liverpool in the UK a long time ago and is still alive (we think).

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