One Poem by Rosamund McCullain

No Damn Cat

Can I have a moment of your time?
Inventing connections in the particle accelerator,
Searching for the Higgs-Boson, a tiny spark
Of conversation, a little more action, the collective effects
Of a deceased discourse, diseased discourse,
Skivers versus strivers, we stand in line to be
Maligned, re-aligned, reassigned and who
Gets the black triangle, isosceles or equilateral, it’s all
The same to me, your collateral damage, visibly
Invisible, packaged up and risible,
New box, same old label.

And there he stands, rattling cans and sabres, gets his photo
In the papers, screeching to the perverted,
Attempting dialogue with the ideologues, the proscenium arch
His Achilles heel, but you know what?
At least he stands there to be counted,
Outside yet another discount store,
The same but cheaper, less is the new more.
Is that really what you want for your children?
A boarded-up High Street? Think
It’s not your business? Take a walk
Down my street sometime, in my shoes, and rest assured

That sooner or later they’ll come for you.

Originally from West Yorkshire, Rosamund came to Mid-Wales in 1983 to study English at Aberystwyth University. She fell in love with the Mid-Wales region, and has lived in the area ever since. She moved to North Powys in 1998, where she is now very well settled.

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