One Poem by Alun Robert

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.


Yes     that is what I had said.
You heard me right.
You can look astonished.
Explode orgasmic.
Shriek holler.
Put your head in my face.

What did you expect?
Do you understand body language?
Did you read my eyes?
Have you seen my folded arms?

But that is how it is.
In essence reality.
Still plenty of questions.
A great deal unanswered.
A plethora of pondering.

Do not join the dots.
Do not project linearly.
The future will be different.
More of a random walk.

For I meant what I said.
My diction is clear.
My intentions honourable.
Do not blight me with bile.
The miracle is but mine.
Open your mind     and heart.


Born in Scotland of Irish lineage, Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical verse achieving success in poetry competitions. He has featured in international literary magazines, anthologies and on the web. His influences extend from Burns to Shakespeare, Kipling to Betjeman, Dennis to Mazzoli.

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