Two Poems by Michael Estabrook

From Nothing

Physicists, astrophysicists, geophysicists, astrobiologists,
astronomers, cosmologists . . . all of them
state it like it’s clear, obvious,
irrefutable – in the beginning
of the universe there was nothing, nothing at all,
no space, no time, no matter, no energy, only emptiness.
Then suddenly out of the darkness
out of nowhere for no reason
like someone flipping a switch
an infinitesimally small speck of something-or-other
appeared then immediately exploded
into the Big Bang BOOM!
And the universe – everything there is
or was or ever shall be –
spiral galaxies, dwarf stars, planets, comets, asteroids,
black holes, quasars, quarks, dark matter, neutrinos,
gravitons, photons, mesons, and the Higgs Boson –
was formed just like that, from nothing,
absolutely nothing.


I try to keep up but the youngsters walk faster talk faster work faster eat faster play faster learn faster . . . “Becomes harder every year doesn’t it” quips another old man at the beach in his floppy hat and "Growing Old Ain’t for the Faint Hearted" T-shirt watching me taking up the rear clutching onto my towel and chair. Sure does but at least I made it to the ocean again this year, best place in the world to recharge the old batteries.


Michael Estabrook has been publishing his poetry in the small presses since the 1980s. Hopefully with each passing decade the poems have become more succinct and precise, clear and relatable, more appealing and “universal.” He has published over 20 collections, the latest being Bouncy House, edited by Larry Fagin (Green Zone Editions, 2014).

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