Three Poems by Sammi Cox

Silent Thoughts in an Empty Churchyard

I sit on the bench
Drinking tea from a flask
Before me is a line of gravestones
Standing at odd angles
Like wobbly, jagged teeth
Each one belonging to a person
I’ll never know

I see their names
Carved into the stone
When they lived
And for how long
I know who they married
Who their children are/were
Sometimes there’s more
Something noteworthy
Something worth remembering
According to the one who
Commissioned the headstone

But it’s what it doesn’t say
That interests me
That gets me thinking
I wonder what they saw
What they heard
What happened in their lifetimes
Were they happy or not
What events did they live through
Did they live a quiet life
Or yearn for excitement, adventure

So I sit there, sipping tea
Trying to answer these questions
But never any closer to discovering
Who they really were


The garden’s overgrown
I know I should
Take shears and secateurs to it
Cut it back
Tame its wildness
But there’s something
Enchanting about
This explosion of green
Growing more than it should
Reclaiming what once belonged to it
Long ago, before the house was built
Or maybe that’s just
My agoraphobia
Telling me it’s all right
Not to go outside today
That the garden
And my battle with open spaces
Can wait for another day


I want to be still
To be quiet
But the world keeps moving
Distracting me
Pulling me further
Into its drama
A bell rings
Children laugh
Someone shouts
A dog barks
The traffic rumbles
On and on and on . . .

And all I want
Is to be still
To be quiet

Sammi Cox lives in the UK and spends her time writing and making things. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in various places online and in print. Her first collection of tiny tales, One Turn of The Wheel, was published by Three Drops Press in 2017. Find her at:

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