One Poem by Rosamund McCullain

Written in response to this month’s Special Challenge.

Steal Away Our Destiny

She might well gloat: for the sake of
A few chromosomes here and there the
Fortunes are reversed; it would be her with
The sad face. How do they decide, these atoms,
Electrons, protons, neutrons, quark, strangeness,
Charm, who will go to which soul, who thrives,
Who is enslaved, who is endangered, who is extinct?
It’s Nature’s way, these random assignations, energy
Goes round and round in the universe, seeks a home
And lands here – you will have a life of ease and plenty,
Or here – you will suffer and starve, or here –
You will be a forest animal when they come to chop
The trees down. If there is a rhyme and reason
We are too small to comprehend, dark energy
Propels the universe out and out and we
Will never understand.


Originally from West Yorkshire, Rosamund came to Mid-Wales in 1983 to study English at Aberystwyth University. She fell in love with the Mid-Wales region, and has lived in the area ever since. She moved to North Powys in 1998, where she is now very well settled.

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