Two Poems by G B Ryan

Wrong Way

Baby elephants
among the heavy legs and padding feet 

over time will grow to lay the blame on
genes and home cooking

In New Bedford a large sign
indicating REDEMPTION
applies to bottles and cans

At fourteen years old or so,
her spine was curved in a way
that caused her to look down at
her feet as she walked along.

There is nothing wrong with her,”
the woman beside me said,
“she is only admiring
her new boots from Australia.”

Free thinker and friend of Voltaire,
Madame du Deffand responded
when asked if she believed in ghosts,
“No, but I am frightened of them.”

Take a Break, Stay Awake

She takes a photo of a cloud
shaped like an angel floating
over Manhattan because clouds
over New York territory
often assume crocodile shapes 

Radiating undulations,
a boat
makes ripples on the water

In a new stained glass window
a madonna holds a child
like an electric guitar

The sun high in the sky,
leaves whispering in breeze
and little birds singing . . .

Are you sure they were birds?

What else could they have been?

I don’t know. Just asking.


G B Ryan was born in Ireland and graduated from University College Dublin. He is a ghostwriter in New York City. Elkhound published his Who You Need to Start a Riot in May 2017. His poems are nearly all about incidents that involve real people in real places and use little heightened language.

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