Three Poems by Kirsty A Niven


A day started with panic,
collided insides and pouring flesh.
We gambled and lost everything
but it’s just a minor inconvenience.

There is a need to feel whole,
a ghostly presence now gone.
Even in the dirt of the mirror,
the skin of my face peels away.

I direct questions at an empty sky.
It cries silently, a squeezed sponge.
He leaked from me, liquefied gold,
scurrying away like a tunnel rat.


The woman is faulty –
send her dysfunctional parts back.
Send in the cleaners to mop up the mess.
In a few weeks she’ll be fine.

She’ll get over it.

Pack away the bassinette,
disassemble the bouncer
and deflate the balloons.
It’ll be like it never happened.

She’ll get over it.

Zodiac Eyes

The pallid circle haunts the dark,
amber shards of autumn crackle underfoot.
The world glitters, frozen overnight.
A negative photo, everything blue-tinged,
capturing the moment as you are exposed.
A serenity accompanies that smile,
anaesthetic, healing. A past overwritten.
The stars peek through, thinking me naive.
I ignore their dark predictions,
clinging to a future that glints in your eyes.


Kirsty is from Dundee, Scotland where she lives with her husband and cats. Her poetry has appeared in a number of places including Artificial Womb, The Dawntreader, Dundee Writes, Cicada Magazine and Laldy.

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